Recalcitrant (22.03.16)

Hi guys! Can’t believe this interview is finally happening! Please, introduce yourselve!

Chris -Throat
Jimi -Blast Beats

Chris, since when did you become such a huge sports fan? Do you take part in any competitions? And are you getting criticized for having so much tattoos? Because, you know, it’s not a secret that there are lots of diehard fanatics who hate this stuff.

If you mean sports as in football,baseball ect.,I don’t have the attention span to watch it. But I do love pro wrestling and crossfit. As far as competitions go I have done about 4 crossfit comps. I look to do more,my next one is more geared toward the older guys seeing I’m about to be 35 years old. As for the tattoos I get a lot of weird looks but I’m used to it. I get the most looks when I’m walking in a public place with my kids. Tattoos are more excepted now a days, compared to when I started getting tattooed 17 years ago.

I know you all have been friends for many years and you’ve played in various bands. Our readers would like to know more about these projects, both former and current.

Funny this is we have only known eachother for a few months. But we are pretty close. Seeing our daily group text from 6am to 10pm. As far as bands go I did vocals in Sabu for many years. Once I was done with that I was totally content with doing crossfit and going to shows,never did I see myself doing music again but I’m glad I am. And I’m thankful I’m doing it with people who are talented and driven. Along with Recalcitrant Chants is currently in Short Temper and The Right Hand Men.As for Jimi he’s prob bee in 100 bands but is currently in Nerve Grind, Aborted and Human Obliteration.

This one is my favorite 🙂 Come on, tell us, what should we expect from Recalcitrant? I know there’s gonna be a split with German guys Entrails Massacre. What else? Aside from the split with entrails massacre.

Expect a split with our brothers Fiend and Haggus, Which we will record next week. Then we will work on our LP. Also a mini mid west tour with Nakay and hopefully Couple Skate this summer.

We all got our limits. Here’s what I was wondering…Is there something, anything in this world that you would never ever do, not for love or money?

I think I can speak for us all on this one, Music wise change our beliefs our values or who we are for money. I’ve seen bands sign that “deal” get the funding be told where to play what to sell and what to say. In this world money talks, that route of the DIY scene is not our deal. Fuck that!! Oh and I wouldn’t sell my cats records or kids for money haha.

Grindcore is getting more and more extreme, given all the way since the 80s. The sound, the speed…it’s unbelievable. What do you think are the reasons?

It’s evolution plain and simple. I have said this 100 times,People will get bored of the same sound, the same live act. You evolve and adapt or you fall behind. Grind Core will continue to evolve, thats why I continue to find newer, faster, harder bands from all over the world.

There was once a post saying that Donald Trump’s success among voters is getting bigger every day. I always considered him a total jerk. Why do you think people love such a bullshit that he is?

Media is to blame you turn on the TV and that’s all you see. You even get on social media and its flooded with politics. Flooded with Trump and all the people that follow him. That’s why I don’t watch TV, it’s all bullshit and lies. My last memory of Donald trump was stone cold Steve Austin stunning his ass…

Recalcirant is a young band indeed but you’ve already got quite a number of gigs behind your backs. What do you feel when you get on stage? What are the thoughts that cross your mind when you play the gig?

Chaos I make sure I thank Jimi and Chantz before and after we play. I appreciate the work they put in. If we play for 10 or 100 the result is always the same we put 110% into what we love. So many times I go to shows and see bands playing and just standing there, No fucking energy no passion. The crowd just stands there it gets boring. We thrive off people going crazy at our shows. Then we know we did something right. If one person walks away from our show saying holy fuck that band was killer I’ll be happy.

One more question about your experience on stage. What was the grossest place, the worst shithole you’ve had to play at?

Humm nowhere we can think of yet. But I’m sure we will come across such a shit hole haha.

Can you name top 10 bands and how have they influenced you and your music in any way?

This is in no order at all and we can name more then 10 but we will keep it at 10: Fiend, Nakay, Haggus, Napalm Death, SOB, Regurgitate, Repulsion, Pizza Hi 5, Noisear, The Kill.
If it’s a 2 man band a band from the 80s or current band.or our friends I think in grindcore we all feed off eachother if it’s Pizza Hi 5 in Ohio or The Kill in Australia with all the social media and record collecting all these bands can listen to each others music. The speed the energy the lyrics ect.
Not so long ago, your bass guitarist left the band. Hope you are still friends. How are things going with finding a new guy? How about the live shows, is it going to be just 3 of you?

Yes as far as shows go it’s just the 3 of us. And that’s fine we all work well together as far as looking for someone eventually but not a priority at the moment. We current have got about 7 new songs us 3 have done.

Ok, now I need your full undivided attention. Guys, what are some of your favorite recipes your mothers cooked for you?)

Well me has to be Cuban food seeing that I’m Cuban, I try to lay off the white rice haha Jimis mom makes awesome corn beef brisket with cabbage soup. Chants mom makes awesome T-bone steak

Well, that’s pretty much it. Thank you guys for everything. Can’t wait to see you in my city with good gig!)))

Cheers we will be there one day!!! Cheers to Nakay, Couple Skate, Pizza Hi 5, Internal Rot, Excruciating Terror, Dope Runner, Cryptic Void, Radiation Vomit, Deterioration, Entrails Massacre, Haggus, Fiend, Mellow Harsher, Suffering Mind, Abraham Rangel all the other bands we have played with and everyone who supports us!!!!

Recalcitrant fb     Recalcitrant bc


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