Corbata – En La Bruno (Imminent Destruction Records)

Grind or not grind at all! To be honest, I somehow did not track this Japanese band after their performance at the OEF and now… suddenly… After participating on a couple of compilations and releasing a demo, Corbata delivered their first full-length album. I remember I was chatting with their drummer once, and he told me several times that he doesnt want the album to get to the Internet. I think that’s why the album was released on vinyl (lazy pirates hardly will buy separate sound card and wind up with a bunch of hardware to steal this album, so the guys from Corbata shouldn’t worry :)) The first thing that catches your eye when looking at the photos of band participants is their appearance. They hide their faces behind masks … and this theme even took place on the album cover. I knew that the Japanese are not indifferent to various Mexican stuff, but the first time I can see (in the lyrics), and hear songs sung in two languages. The percentage of Spanish prevails over Japanese but anyway it’s weird))
I really liked the sound on En La Bruo. It’s not overmastered, not straight like a pillar … there is something to catch your ear, and it is very good. The album does not start right away with a sharp sound attack, first guys rock the listener, and only then strike (all as in good old 90s). Album is remarkable with its insistence, here you will not hear the evil super speeds as in modern grindviolence, so PV fans will likely get disappointed listening to Corbata, but that’s their problem, hahaha!)
Speaking of the aforementioned drummer, he is famous for playing in I.R.F., Vivisection. If someone of you remembers and loves IRF, you will also like Corbata. I almost forgot, there is only 10 tracks… 10 tracks for a grind release is not serious at all)))
Rating: 8/10       Corbata      Imminent Destruction rec

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