Raw Noise Apes (09.03.16)

Hi and welcome to Good Guys Go Grind! Before we start this very serious interview could you let the readers know how, when and where did Raw Noise Apes formed? What was is that that made a bunch of primates grab instruments and produce this primitive noise?
This band was formed in 2011 in Thessaloniki under the influence of Proctosynalar,alcohol and our asses’ farts, accompanied with the soundscapes of Pinks Floyd’s, dark side of the moon.
The main reason which led us to create this band, in addition to our friendship, was our need to play this unique form of catastrophic noise, which has followed us for so many ape moons!!!

You all have been/are in some other grindcore/noise bands throughout the years, all of them raw & harsh to the marrow. Has all this experience and experiments worked their way to R.N.A?
In the past, each one of us has participated in similar bands. Consequently, all these experiences have contributed to the fact that we  play  this kind of  filth  nowadays.
From the other hand we have always sought  the most extreme sound and now we believe that making RxNxAx has led us to the point that Lady Gaga will pin an RxNxAx backpatch on her leather jacket in one of her new videoclips.
Before the release of “Electroconvulsive Blast Orgy” you were inactive, regarding live shows at least but thankfully you’re back with a bang! You played 2 awesome shows with the SxOxTxEx/PARAZITOSIS/CHAPPA’AI gang and the most recent one with AGATHOCLES, how does it feel to be able to release your primal insticts on stage once again?
Playing with Agathocles was a really great moment for the apeoids. Agathocles is one of the bands we continue  listening since our youth days. Only two words can describe this night ABSOLUTE BLAST!!! Our second live show was with the mighty HUNGS, who are really great friends of ours. We destroyed both Thessaloniki and Kavala and spent some really nice and memorable times together, plus we’ve enjoyed the moment  playing with Melanocetus Murrayi. These scums know very well the right way to harsh…
Nowadays metal bands add a few blast beats, tag themselves as grindcore and pray that they get picked up by Relapse to put out their boring records. Is it possible that even grindcore can be commercialized and served to the masses? How would you react if someone told you that listens to grindcore but doesn’t know who Warsore or Agathocles are?
Blast beats don’t necessarily make you a grind core band. In our opinion, noise with a hybrid punk tone enriched with an endless denial and a taste of sociopathic behaviour, followed by the original Mick Harris’ area method of grind (composing- few rehearsals – always live recordings) is a guaranteed formula with honesty and passion!!!

Grindcore should’t be commercial,but for sure it comes straight from the heart.

We believe also that playing in a grindcore band shouldn’t be considered as a job.
Lots of  bands these days that call themselves grindcore, don’t know or give a shit how all this thing started and grew.
(sociopolitical places, d.i.y. rehearsal studios, tape trade, zines, vinyls, letters, network of friends)
For the special ones you’ve mentioned that don’t know Agathocles or Warsore there’s a small torture surprise.
We will put them in our rehearsal room, chained on a chair, with the amps on the highest volume and some horrendous noiseharshcore till they throw up their innards.
Most grind bands use (pixelated) images of dismembered bodies for covers and have an obssesion with medical/surgical terms, this not the case with R.N.A though, all your releases either feature cut &paste art with politicians or cool drawings of apocalyptic ape warriors, where this love for primates comes from? By the way, who’s responsible for the artwork?
We really love cut and paste aesthetic and have been using it most of the time  in RxNxAx and previous bands. The artwork from the demo in simple words indicates, that we supposed to be the most advanced beings on earth, but we only care about absolute power in every form of it, so that drove us to create the ultimate Monsters!!!
Apes indicate the wickedness of our noise,our apeism.
The primordial need of humans for creation and destruction.
Responsible for the artwork are different friends of ours. We feel that is worthless mentioning them.We thank them a lot for the result.
What you do for a living besides making a fortune from grindcore? At what point does your daily routine works as an inspiration for your music?
We have solved all of our lives’  problems with grindcore, we have earned countless money.Imagine out that we have booked a space flight for the colony on the moon and a 5 star apartment next to Steven Hawkings’.
Life’s  a noisy undercurrent so that’s what is expressed with our filth.
Let’s imagine that you’re stranded on the planet of the apes and their leader demands to make him a playlist with 5 grind/mince/noisecore records to listen while exterminating the human race, what would you choose?
You’re about to start a 3-piece noisecore band and you have the following 4 instruments at your disposal: drums, guitar, bass & saxophone, which would you exclude and why?
We would keep only the saxophone and we were gonna do some twisted vocals with distortion pedals.
At the same time we would add some samples from the sound of our hate-city and everyday routine.
Enough with the stupid questions now, what the future holds for R.N.A? Any new recordings coming soon? Or maybe a tour?
We are on the process of cutting the vinyl for the split 7” with Dead Issue. We hope to get the copies in our hands on early April or May.Our side with S.o.t.e. is ready and we ‘re waiting our brothers to record for a 10” split Lp.
Nowadays we ‘ re rehearsing as much as we can and we have 9 new songs. Our goal is to record a full Lp till late 2016 or early 2017.
We had some plans for a small balkan tour but is quite difficult for the moment, because all of us have a tight work schedule. Happily we will play in a live show here in Thessaloniki, called GRINDMARE  7, on April 9, with 10 greek bands. We have also been invited to play in Novi Sad/Serbia on a three day fest called Optimalinija/Kaos Panonia and we bet this will be one of the greatest shows ever.
Thanks for putting up with me and sorry for taking so long to send in the questions, last words are yours! Grind on!
Thank you very much for the interview and our huge apologies for the long delay but we are on the void of freaking life.. hahahaha…
This interview was made by Bak (Jagernaut/Scull Crasher)

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