Vjölenza / Slag / Baixo Calão (Split CD)

Among a whole bunch of bills and all kinds of advertising crap in my mailbox, I’ve found a parcel from the French label EBC Distro/Prod. It contained this particular CD. I was twisting it in his hands for some time looking at the cover art, then listened to the bands… and I can say that this CD is a good insight into the raw Brazilian underground.

It is known that it is very hard to be first ones, either on a live gig or on a split release… But the guys from Vjölenza managed to accomplish this task successfully. Very funny stuff, I must say that guitar sound reminded me of the old thrash / hardcore punk bands of 80s, hehehe), but everything else sounds like some fine and cheerful fastcore / grindcore. Aggressive vocals, raw drums… guys did their best to record these songs, and it is certainly a plus. The end of Vjölenza’s part is decorated with a track of some, probably local DJ… got a lot of fun.

Moving further down the Amazon … Slag … hmm do not even know what it looks like. These headhunters deliver some very cool crust/death metal (although there is probably still more crust). The advantage here is definitely powerful and consistent sound pressure and good record. Fast, raw – everything I love. At the end the guys decided to go big and played a cover of Belgian veterans from Agathocles.

Closing this split come Baixo Calão. The first thing you immediately notice the sound of these lads is not as rich and expressive as of their comrades. But they compensate with their pitch and brutal power. Thick, medium speed grindcore … Baixo is like a bulldozer that goes through the jungle. Relentless and unstoppable. Among their tracks there is a well-known hit of Rot «Russian Roulette»

Rating: 7.5 / 10
Baixo-Calao   Slag   Vjolenza   You can buy this cd here

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