Baixo Calão/SRAM

Do you like some scary radioactive monsters? No? Well, the drummer of a band called Sram from Moscow really loves them. That’s why he created that terrible two-headed creature that is having tasty lunch made of some poor crust punk fan.
Brazilians Baixo Calão, well, 2 years ago we did not know anything about them, but a European tour and a show at Obscene Extreme (OEF 2014) improved the situation pretty much. Today I want to review their work done together with the russian Sram. Brazilian headhunters recorded 4 tracks of some wonderful music in the studio. The material is not beautiful with its speed or ultra perfect sound quality (as in e.g. Swedish grindcore bands), but is a great mid-tempo grindcore with some raw soul. There just as much rawness in the sound as it should be; the sound is just a perfect hit for such a release. Brazilian side is only 5 minutes long, but in that 5 minutes you get a lot of fun listening to the terrible screams of vocalist mixed with sawing and slashing guitars sound.
Mince-mania finally reached Russia. Moskow guys describe the problems of homeless men, the horrors and consequences of drug absorption. And they were not too lazy to add a cover of cult americans Autopsy to their side! It’s hard to tell what the music of these guys is like… there are some classic Agathoclish mince pieces, and something completely of their own identity. It all sounds very cheerful! Sometimes it sounds too much raw and guitar gets very blurry. But this is mincecore, what else can you expect? Those dudes really deserve some of your attention!

Rating: 7.5 / 10    SRAM  Baixo-Calao  You can buy this split here

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