Blindead Productions!

Blindead Productions is a hardcore punk label from Sweden that has been going under this name since 2002. Before that there was A.L.P. Tapes and Resist the System Records, but after a while I merged the two and also changed the name. A.L.P. Tapes released 10 tapes between 1997 and 2001 and Resist the System Records did 1 7″ in 2000, the debut 7″ by Swedish råpunk band Crossing Chaos. A couple of tapes/CD-Rs that in reality was A.L.P. releases were also released under the Blindead Productions flag early on.
The whole idea behind the label is the same as for many other labels – release music by good bands and good friends. Quality over quantity. It all started as many other labels have done, and especially in the late 90’s, sitting at home copying tapes, cutting and pasting covers, xeroxing these at whatever free/cheap place I could find and then selling/trading/giving these to and with people all around the world. This is where my love for this music really started and I haven’t been able to get away from it since then. It has me hooked for life. I’m well aware of the fact that I’ve released many different styles on the label but I like that, even if I can fully appreciate a label that has a certain style as well. Even if my taste have gone back and forth over the years, as it often does, there’s no release I’m not happy with. And in a way things go in circles. Just look at the Sick Terror 7″ from 2004 which is a exhibition in noise and chaos and then the Infekzioa 7″ from ten years later – also an exhibition in noise and chaos, even if it’s not the exact same style.
I’m also very happy to have had the chance to work with several bands for more than one release – that shows that I’m doing at least some things right.
As far as the future of Blindead Productions no one knows. As many labels I’m struggling with the finances and at the moment I don’t have any plans. As soon as I can afford it I’ll start making plans again, but with no money there are no plans. At least no official ones.

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CROSSING CHAOS From the Nearest Liqour Store in Hell 7″ Released January 2000, 500 black vinyl, 45rpm
MORE WORLD, LESS BANK compilation 7″EP Released July 2003, 1000 black vinyl, 33rpm
CROSSING CHAOS Disgusting Reality 7″ Released November 2003, 500 black vinyl, 45rpm
SICK TERROR AjaxFree Re-Masters/Re-monsters 7″EP Released April 2004, 500 black vinyl, 33rpm
WE COME IN PEACE (More World, Less Bank! pt.2) compilation 7″EP Released November 2004, 1000 black vinyl, 33rpm
MASSMORD Inget Liv/Ingen Död LP Released January 2006, 1000 black vinyl, 33rpm
PERSONKRETS 3:1 The Glorious Dead LP Released November 2006, 1000 black vinyl, 33rpm
MASSGRAV Stampa Takten Alla Bokstavsbarn 7″EP Released December 2006, 200 black vinyl, 33rpm
MASSMORD Unleashed LP Released July 2007, 1000 black vinyl, 33rpm
MASSMORD/SHADES OF GREY split LP/CD LP released October 2008, 1250 black vinyl, 33rpm
PROTESTANT Antagonist 7″EP Released April 2009, 1000 black vinyl, 33rpm
WARCOLLAPSE Crap, Scrap and Unforgivable Slaughter 12″EP Released March 2011, 500 black vinyl, 33rpm
HUMAN POWER Human Power? 7″ Release May 2012, 500 black vinyl, 45rpm
MASSACRE DIVINE Beijando A Morte 7″ Release March 2013, 600 black vinyl, 45rpm
KRONOFOGDEN Käftarna Maler 7″ Release May 2013, 500 black vinyl, 45rpm
DISTORTION FAITH vol.1 comp.tape Release June 2014, 250 copies, C-30
INFEKZIOA Ezin da Alde Egin Sufrimenduaren Zulotik EP 7” Release August 2014, 500 black vinyl, 45rpm
KRONOFOGDEN Arbete och/eller fritid LP Released March 2015, 500 black vinyl, 45rpm
KRONOFOGDEN/MASSGRAV split 7″ Released January 1 2016, 500 red vinyl, 33rpm

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