Specializing in whatever, but grindcore is at the forefront of what I have and will be releasing. I will also be publishing comix and artist prints, mostly consisting of people who have provided their work for related bands. ~ Only thing I have released so far is the xABRUPTx / TENCHU split tape and AGITATE / HAGGUS split tape but I have many releases currently in production that should be out within the next few weeks such as ABORTION / SRAM split 7″ , STRATEGIC WAR HEADS – (US) WAR HEAD tape which is their debut release, FARTING CORPSE – “POPPERS THE MUSICAL” tape and a mixtape featuring a slew of grind, thrash, black and death metal bands accompanying a rad comic/zine called TOTAL SHIT by Caleb Dickinson. There are more plans/releases on the way I have posted on the label facebook page. ~ Im building a site with a store/mailorder atm and hopefully Ill have it up and running before the rest of the releases come in. You can purchase anything through my facebook page, which has an updated distro. Just message me and Ill get back to you ASAP.

Night Business fb 

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