Matka Teresa & Suffering Mind (Split 7")

As you may know, music underground is a cheerful and friendly place. People in this community help each other in different ways, and I think this is great! Here is another proof of “underground friendship” – 8 labels gathered and published this split together. This modest seven-inch vinyl includes two excellent bands: international team Matka Teresa and Polish guys from Suffering Mind!

Our lives are poisoned with all types of crap that surrounds us… Our minds are infected with information disease. All those bastards want to make us to do what we do not like – to fight, to die. And it is not even clear for what and for whom!!!!!!! It just happens that we are now going through big and complex time of multiple military conflicts. In fact, World War has already begun long time ago and we just go deeper and deeper into this mud. This split is called «Next Children Generation», its design was made by vocalist of Matka Teresa. To tell the truth, among the many types of art design of grindcore things the most “catchy” themes for me are those depicting innocent children. It becomes truly terrible when you see kids with guns, starving and dying. And even a complete idiot would understand that those old men with their power and their games that go too far are the ones to be blamed.

The split begins with Matka Teresa’s five tracks. These guys are well known for their powerful music and a lot of different releases. Here they picked five old raw and noisy tracks recorded at a rehearsal back in 2013. Everything is done in their own style, but with a bit of DIY “rawness”. The final sound mastering was done by notorious bearded man Guyome (Pulmonary Fibrosis)… Suffering Mind deliver 6 tracks of furious grindcore! To be honest, I’m not a big fan of live recordings, but their live is very different. Here you can hear all the instruments, there is no side noise. This record gives you a great sense of presence and you feel all the energy that fills the room when this guys from Poland do their job. By the way the live is quite old – it comes from 2012. And for the fans there are texts written inside the cover – you can find both Polish and English versions.
Rating: 7.5/10  Suffering Mind    Matka Teresa  You can buy this split here 

Labels which released this split:Drop Out Records, Crit De Fastic Records, Grindfather Productions, Sekac Records , Extreme Terror Production, Rotten Gorol Production, Extinction Records, 83 Records 

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