Meth Leppard (09.02.16)

Hey there, buddy! Hope you’ve got plenty of ice cold beer because we are getting started!
Iced coffee bro, yeah cheers!
You had a great start from the very beggining. You’ve already broke the Internet and penned a contract for the 2 releases with Bloody Scynthe records, which is quite good. Ryan, was it your plan all along? By the way, how is everything going with the second release, we are still waiting for that split with BruceXCampbell that you’ve promised?

Our original plan was to be on Australia’s got talent or X Factor because i cut off my long hair and look more presentable for pop music. Kieran (drummer) refused to shave his beard and caused tension between our band. He was going for more of a Rustic Hipster look and i was going for a more slick poppy/Parkway Drive look. After many trials and tribulations we decided that the pop music thing wasnt working out for us so Eli from Bloodyscythe records suggested we try a new genre of music called Grindcore then we said ok we’ll give it a go. We recorded a short demo and Eli thankfully released it on Cassette tape in stereo sound. We also recorded extra songs for a split with a band also dabbling in this new genre of grindcore called Brucxcampbell.
2016 has just started and you’ve already hit the music venues. What’s your plan for 2016?
It has been a very exciting year for us already, Kieran opened his much loved Hipster beard salon and i have embarked in a new adventure called work. Putting work aside we have played a few honky tonks and balls that have embrassed the new grindcore sound.
Ryan, how long have you been playing a guitar? Among all the instruments available, why did you pick a guitar? What makes it so special?
I have been playing the electric guitar for many years unplugged and not till recently plugged in. I quite enjoy the sound of it plugged in over unplugged. I tried to play the grindcore music with a recorder with distortion but i couldnt quite hit the right notes so i stuck with the electric guitar plugged in.
You ain’t new to the grindcore underground culture. You’ve done the recordings, and performed on stage with lots of other bands. Tell us about the bands you used to play in, and the bands you’re currently working with.
I have played with a few bands, some fast, some slow, some inbetween slow and fast. One band was called Guatanamo Bay City Rollers, a Grind & Roll band dealing with important issues of drinking Alcohol, smoking Marijuana and having fun on Alcohol and Marijuana. A Doom band called Space Bong which i was unfortunately fired from for not doing enough drugs. A Powerviolence band called Peter Brock which we had to end because the songs were too long. A band called Powerxchuck….
The Obsene Extreme festival was quite a success in your country, don’t you think? I think it was a kick in the ass for many since we can see more and more new bands performing at the local gigs. You became a part of the grindcore scene in Australia long ago. Can you tell us how much has it improved over the years?
The Obscene Extreme festival has played here once i think, i couldnt afford to go because it was 10,000km away. We have a handful of extreme bands in Australia but not like it use to be 15 years ago. Now i think it is more important to get the right tattoos and a good photographer before you learn how to play a instrument and play hardcore punk.
Working as a duo must be pretty hard, huh? Ever thought about finding some new members? Or the less people are involved, the better?
Playing in a 2 piece band is the best, i recommend all people to kick out members and downsize their bands to a 2 piece. It saves on disagreements, arguments and other fashion related quarrels.
Back in school they taught us that the uniqueness of much of Australia’s flora and fauna is due to its geographic isolation. Could we say the same about grindcore? Especially if remember the first grindcore bands in Australia…
Australia is the driest continent in the world so if you are playing grindcore with long hair it is very important that a airconditioner is on before you do a windmill. It is also important to freeball before grinding to prevent swanus.
Ryan, if you were asked to rank top 10 bands you like the most, the songs that are always on your track list, what would they be?
Lionel Richie
Bronski Beat
Depeche Mode
Boy George
Barry Manilow
Billy Ocean
Totally slipped my mind! Early this year, you perfomed live at the local radio! Do you do this kind of thing often and what do you think about live radio shows in general? I think it’s pretty awesome that underground bands get a chance to play their music live on the radio.
We played live on our local radio station, they set up microphones and i plugged my guitar in for a change and we played faster music because i didnt want to miss a tv show on at 10pm. It was fun when we finished and i got home in time to watch tv.

Now let’s talk about less pleasant things. Is there something about grindcore scene that you don’t like/hate the most?
I would like to see more interesting hair styles in grindcore. I believe there is no place for man buns in grindcore.
Haters gonna hate, but I’m gonna ask this anyway. Your band’s called Meth Leppard but where did this idea to mock Def Leppard come from?)
The drummer in Powerxchuck came up with the name, i actually like the Hysteria album.
That’s all folks! Thanks for your answers! Cheers and beers, Ryan!
Thank you for the interview and your interest in the new music genre called Grindcore.

Meth Leppard contacts:
Meth Leppard fb  Meth Leppard bc

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