Subcut / Sram

To tell you the truth, even the fact of releasing this split was a huge surprise for me. Not only because one of the few post-Soviet mincegrind band made some new material, but also because there’s very old and famous Brazilian grindcore band Subcut is also on this split! 
First band on this split is a Brazilian one. Now I have to start with telling you how good their artwork is. Yeah, you’re right, nothing new here, but it’s grindcore, it’s how it should be. It depicts the most current themes of evil that humanity brings upon itself, like war, repression, innocent victims, and of course the nuclear explosion on the background. Unfortunately, there’s only 3 tracks, and the third one is a Napalm Death cover, but I guess we have to be content with what we have. The sound here is pretty good, a bit raw and somehow metal, but overall I enjoyed it. Especially I liked the diverse vocals that adds up to the aggression. And, to put it simply, we got a great example of Brazilian grindcore 🙂 
Next one is a Moscow band Sram. Until this release they were famous by their splits with Hyperemesis, Baixo Calão, Paucities, Laserguys. These Russian guys came up with a pretty interesting artwork. “Punitive psychiatry” is the name of the cover. It depicts some poor guy being dragged by two large paramedics into the depths of psychiatry’s hell. I would like to note that the artist who made this is an ongoing artist for Internal Damage releases Jon (also the member of Terminator 666, and yes, he’s the one who made a banner for our zine :)) Sram didn’t make any covers and presented 4 their own tracks. Overall, their side is very vigorous and high-quality (they’ve really grown as a musicians). They mix grindcore and mincecore in their music, and as a result we can hear both fast blasting parts and some mincecore dancing groove. A bit pitch shifted vocals only adds up the fire in a whole thing. My favorite track on this is “Schizofrenicheskoje Slaboumije”, really rad song. 

Rating: 7/10 8/10        Order your copy here!

Labels which released this split: Grindhead Records, Grindfather Productions, No Bread!, Neolithic Productions, Lazybones Records

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