Evisorax- Isle of Dogs (Epileptic Media)

If you take a close look at the UK, then you will probably see that the people living there is very strange. Even in the famous cartoon Obelix says something like “Those Brits are absolutely out of their minds.” And it’s not just their food and sports, this madness has penetrated into music as well. Today I will discuss the debut work of crazy guys from Evisorax. The big surprise for me was to get this cassette, since they all were sold long time ago, there were only 40 (!) of them.
This unremarkable, pink coloured cassette, in fact, turns out to be a real Pandora’s box! Only 8 songs, but the level of evil and aggression kicks ass! If I say it’s grindcore, I’ll be wrong, it is very difficult to properly tag this band. Maybe it’s something in between mathcore and grindcore. Mad guitar riffs are like sharp knife cutting through your ears, blastbeat-god drummer (not just an ordinary dude, but the one that was kicking shit out of drums in Narcosis and The Ergon Carousel!) and vocalist screaming like someone is killing him. All this shit is mixed in a terrible cacophony which completely blows your brain! It hurts but at the same time delivers so much pleasure. To be honest, I can’t imagine where these guys take so much madness from and how they interpret it in sound Unfortunately it is impossible to get this release nowadays, but its digital variation (with different cover) is available somewhere on the Internet, which is very handy.

Rating: 8/10

Evisorax           Epileptic Media

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