EveryDayHate (28.01.16)

Hi Andy, and let’s start with our business. Tell us what was the origin of EveryDayHate?

Hey Alex, everything started in the forests in Eastern part of Poland, in small village of cannibals. I was into eating human corpses and remains, a local duo of shamans started a grindcore band and since that time I’m the owner of the grindcore label EveryDayHate, I’m the true and the only real grindcore worldwide establishment.

Do you have any special criteria when you select bands for a next release? 

Thousands of them, but I’m not sure if anybody is interested in spending hours on reading about it, so maybe I will just depict 6, the most important factors that have impact on my choice:

1. Catchy name, for example I love Weekend Nachos but they have already signed, the same with Butthole Surfers and Anal Cunt. I’m waiting now for new songs from two amazing bands, Suffering Bastard and Cripple Mind.
2. The band needs to be true as fuck, only true fuckin’ grindcore, they need to have fuckin’ tape in discography, no posers.
3. On debut full lenght’s cover there should be skulls, remains and collage with images of war.
4. Of course they need to have split (split on tape, omg!!!) with one of this bands: Agathocles, Suffering Mind and Phobia, if they have with more than one, they become my number 1.
5. Of course they need to be vegan and straight edge, with fuckin tattoos, no tattoos no deal, posers!
6. This one is good one, my fav, vocalist introduces a band and talks to crowd growling. No posers.

Every job has its pros and cons. What makes you happy about having your label? And what are the negative aspects of this work for you?
I listen to sick tunes for every fuckin’ day, hour by hour and meet kind and thankful people who are into grindcore. And I’m on my own, honest with myself, those things makes me happy as fuck. Regarding the negative aspects – sometimes it’s really stressful, when you’re a one man DIY label, you have milions of things to do, sometimes you need a hand, but nobody cares. But it’s also some kind of lesson, you draw conclusions from every leson and become stronger.
Andy, label is certainly cool thing, but do you have desire to learn and play music yourself?
I’m into folk, jazz and electronic music as well, such things like King Dude and Chelsea Wolfe, The Locust, Wardruna, Atari Teenage Riot, Merzbow are my favs. I start working on some kind of project, I want to play together with my lovely lady. Our first single is in progress. I can tell you now only one thing about it – it’s going to call the spiritualist experience and we’re going to do it secretly, so beware.
And my favorite question. Tell what plans do you have for 2016 and what kind of releases should we wait for?)
This year is tight, I already made a lot of work and I’m going to deal with such amazing bands like: Feastem, Teething, Wake, Livet Som Insats, Myteri, Stheno, Overviolence, Expurgo, Magnicide, Punished Earth, Deboned, Existench, World Downfall, Human Cull, Six-score, Resonance Cascade and few more, but it’s top secret now, more news are going to be posted soon on my blog, web or fanpage.
Teething / Feastem split 7″
Rather tricky, but very important question. How about financial profits that your label is giving to you? Do you manage to live well on the money you get from the label, or maybe you have any other “civil” job? 
What you mean with using “live well”? I’m not sure if I get it. I can tell you that I’m some kind of freelancer, working with people who need help with things I’m good at. So for now I work for myself (EveryDayHate is my baby) and for Knock Out Productions. I’m doing for them service store and I’m a brand manager of Knock Out Stuff. I also help them with other things from time to time. Sometimes I have problems with paying bills, sometimes I collect money for new record. So usually I work around 6-10 hours every day on multiple things and have free weekends from time to time.
                                                                                                                                                                               G.O.D. – Body Horror
Not long ago, you started your own blog zine where you’re posting interviews with bands you hadreleased on your label. What was the intent behind this journalistic step? Are there plans to make a small printed zine? 
Nope, you’re mistaken. I’m doing interviews with every band I like, not only with bands from my label because this kind of thing just sucks for me. In past I was doing a fanzine, and I’m preparing myself to do it again, but to make a printed zine, you need to prepare content, to do that, you need to work on it. So here is my blog. I’m super excited about it, seriously. Right after the idea came up, I found people who want to cooperate with me, Zoltan from hungarian Blast fanzine and Carlos James from Facada are helping me now and I’m very satisfied with they’r work. I’m waiting now for support from a new guy, I just met him and his going to take care about reviews part, so soon I’ll put a new column on my blog. Everything is on good way to make a printed zine.
One common and necessary practice in the life of any label, is to get out with their own distro to gigs. Is it a real pain in the ass? After all, you have many products probably you have to rent a big car? 
I usually set up small merch stand at my own shows and at festivals. It’s nothing special, but if you go at Obscene Extreme Festival, Brutal Assault etc, just find me in the merch area and check what I’ve prepared.
This is only the beginning of the year, but already full of various announcements. Is there any of upcoming releases that you already can’t wait to get into your playlist? 
Yes, I’m waiting for Cryptic Void’s full lenght, 3rd Gadget album (I have already listened to it and they kill it), of course I’m excited about new Stheno, Wake, Livet Som Insats, Facada, Human Cull and Six-score, Suffering Bastard and Cripple Mind albums as well. I think it’s that’s all for now.
By the way, do you have a recipe of healthy and beautiful beard?) Any washing/grooming advices? And does it help you to increase sales at festivals, hehehe?) 
This is my favorite question, right after you applied the beard oil on your beard and skin, it’s time for some combing. Combing your beard is not necessarily about keeping it healthy but more like it adds some points to your appearance especially if you are not aiming for an “all natural” look. Combing is one thing but using a good comb is a different game. You don’t have to buy the most expensive comb, but you need to get one that has its teeth equally spaced and that leaves your hair neat. Cheap (or free) combs might give you the impression they do similar job, but from my experience, what they leave behind is a bushy mesh. Even more, a good comb will distribute evenly the oil that you have just applied. From a more practical perspective, combing your beard can make your life easier when you want to groom it. I can give you also a tip, try not to stroke the beard all the time. I Know it might be tempting, but think about all the time you spent combing it. Wouldn’t it be a pity to let it go to waste? You washed your beard, dried it and put some oil on it and, finally, combed it. But what about the moustache?
Unless you shave your moustache, taking care of it is of great importance. First of all, you don’t want it in your way neither while you eat your pizza nor while you drink your morning coffee. I’m not even gonna mention while you have some sexy time with the lady! Applying wax on your moustache allows you to style it in a very manly way and makes it stand out. This adds a few extra points on the overall appearance of your beard. All you have to do is scrape some wax and rub it with your thumbs and fingers and stroke the sides towards the direction you like. You don’t necessarily have to be creative here; just make it look neat and presentable. Similarly to beard oil, there are waxes that contain only natural and/or organic substances in case you prefer ingredients from Mother Nature. Usually, a good wax is one that offers less consistency to your moustache and gives a good hold while making it appear more natural to both touch and sight.
Now let me ask about your wishes. What is the most desired band that you want to release on EveryDayHate? 
I already signed those bands, mentioned before: Suffering Bastard and Cripple Mind! The only true grindcore bands.
Don’t you think you could hold your own micro-fest? Say to launch it in honor of the 100th release, for example. 
I have already made the festival, it was Mosh It Up and I made 5 editions. I have booked bands like:
Extreme Noise Terror, Agathocles, Gadget, Skitsystem (exclusive performance), Blockheads, Sayyadina, Birdflesh, The Arson Project, Spoonful of vicodin, Suffering Mind, Cripple Bastards, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Ingrowing, Afgrund, Squash Bowels, Feastem, Entrails Massacre and many more. I don’t say that I’m going to make a festival again, but I also don’t say I’m not going to. Let’s see.
Which of your own releases you find the best for yourself? And which of your releases was the one that was sold out faster than all others?
I love them all, I have many stories with every release and every one was a lesson for EveryDayHate. I want to say thank you once again to all bands I worked with.
Andy, what or who do you hate most of all in your life? 
People with two left hands without brain, fucking zombies! I’m sure many people will say that they love zombies and all this shit, but the point is that you need to kill zombies, they are useless body bags to throw away!
That’s it. Time to finish the beer and say goodbye. Thank you for your time and answers!)
Thank you very much Alex for supporting EveryDayHate and grindcore underground during the years, you’re doing great job and keep it like this! Grindcore propaganda is real!
                     EveryDayHate fb

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