Krupskaya – Symbiosis Through Decay (Ignore This Records)

This seven-inch was waiting for its moment for a long time. I could not find the right words that would describe this madness, and I must say I feel very sorry for that. “Symbiosis Through Decay” was released quite a while ago, but as for me it will never loose its relevance and its specificity. Krupskaya is the band that is completely insane even if you put it in one row with other wild collectives of Great Britain.
A very strict and dark art. All in dark colors. Looking at this piece of plastic and paper, I could not help thinking that this is a release of some doom band. In their psycho music they use set of extreme trends such as sludge, mathcore, hardcore, grindcore, and, well, metal is also present here. This EP is filled with 10 completely deranged tracks. The sound is very scratchy, I can perfectly hear that everything was recorded digitally, and it is great, as analog recording (not to be confused with an analog media) would kill all the sharpness. Slow atmospheric pieces suddenly go ultra-fast, and vice versa… this like a blender that is making a fresh vegetable fresh, but you periodically stop it and see if it is ready or not πŸ™‚ Crazy and very specific vocals of Alex perfectly fit into the general cacophony of noise. While listening to these infernal sounds, I involuntarily draw sketches of an old tale of Alice in Wonderland in my head. But in a scene with tea party they whould have no tea, but something much stronger and hallucinogenic))

Rating: 8/10 Β  Β Β Krupskaya fbΒ  Β  Β Krupskaya official site

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