Halitosis – Decline Of Neural Development (Cadaveric Dissolution Records)

Halitosis is one of these clever terms to describe an oral reek. What could stink more than this? There is a mincing goregrind band with such a name actually! Hungarians deliver us a “Decline Of Neural Development” debut demo tape! This one is a courtesy of Cadaveric Dissolution Records from Russia. People say not to judge a book from it’s cover… But this is another case where cover art actually expose the contents of the tape. If you do look into this collage for too long, you can notice meth addict’s teeth, dead embryos and good old entrails. Reek emited from the very contents of this tape literally kills your ears, the whole sound mix is rotting, but the bulldozering standards are still being kept. Wall of noise crushes you, every instrument is overdriven and distorted, vocals are subhumanly detuned like it’s dune worm Shai-Hulud moaning from the depths. If you combine vodka, AGx (there is cover song) and LDOH, that would easily describe what Halitosis is. By the way, logo is done by Pierre/Braindead Zine and he doesn’t draw for weak bands…

Total: 9/10     Halitosis bc       Buy tape at CxDx rec!

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