Gozer Records!

Gozer Records is a one man DIY label focusing on grind and other extreme music genres. Founded in 2012, Gozer Records has released grind band from all over the world on various formats (tape, CD-r, vinyl). 2016 brings release number 30 for Gozer.
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GZ-01 – Pascow self titled EP (CD-R)  
GZ-02 – Agathocles/Heliophobia split (CD-r) 
GZ-03/04 – Exist In Thought EPs (digital)  
GZ-05 – Pascow III (mini CD-r)  
GZ-06 – Destroy the Humans “Made of Hate ” (mini CD-r)  
GZ-07 – Undertaker “Denied Existence” (mini CD-r)  
GZ-08 – Anal Abort “Corruptas Entranas” (mini CD-r)  
GZ-09 – Pascow “Fall of Gilead” (biz card CD-r)  
GZ-10 – Grind, Thrash, Noise, Death Vol 1 Compilation (CD-r)  
GZ-11 – Plague Rages “A Plague Over Europe tour” (mini CD-r)  
GZ-12 – Idols Plague “Head Cheese EP” (mini CD-r)  
GZ-13 – Anal Abort “Asco” (cassette)  
GZ-14 – Paranoia / Pro-Past split (mini CD-r)  
GZ-15 – Devastar “Gato Negro” (7 inch vinyl)  
GZ-16 – C.H.U.D. “Tales From The CHUD” (mini CD-r)  
GZ-18 – C.H.U.D. “Horror Fiends EP” (cassette)
GZ-19 – Plague Rages / SxRxT split (cassette)  
GZ-20 – SxRxT “Grind Against Silence Discography” (cassette)  
GZ-21- Gorgonized Dorks “Aural Ecstacy” (cassette)
GZ-22 – Zombie Raiders/ Pro-Past split (Cassette)  
GZ-23 – NYAB VS. xAOAx split (cassette)  
GZ-24 – Outre-Tombe “Silence” (cassette)  
GZ-25 – Agathocles “Smash To Nothingness” (cassette)  
GZ-26 – xDeLoreanx “Hill Valley Powerviolence” (cassette)  
GZ-27 – Plague Rages “Greatest Tapes” (cassette)  
GZ-28 – Gorgonized Dorks “Audio Hooligan” (3.5″ Floppy)  
GZ-29 – Plague Rages/Shitfun split (5″ lathe cut record)

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