Vorgär – Sceptic Faith

Today it’s pretty common thing that there are more and more new bands coming out, they’re like a plague contaminating every territory that it can. Today I’m going to introduce to you a young perspective Hungarian band Vorgär. It was formed in 2014 and a year after they released their first material called Sceptic Faith. And traditionally it was released on tapes. First releases often has its pros and cons, here’s no different from it.
Let’s start with the visuals. Guys from the band handled it with all seriousness. Pro-done tape looks very good and high-quality. Even the sticker wasn’t cut manually, everything was printed and cut by machine, there’s also a long slew of the cover with all lyrics and information. To put it simply, there’s no DIY in these tapes 🙂
Now let’s take a look at what exactly it sounds like. And here’re the pros and cons coming up. I’ll start with the cons: I don’t know who mixed their stuff, but the job’s done pretty sloppy. And the drums sound like their drummer was a bit nervous while recording (but I guess it’s a matter of time and practice). And the pros: very juicy intro, great guitar sound, pretty heavy but without overly high frequencies that pierces the brain. Also I would like to note a good job on the vocals, this guy know what he’s doing.

Rating: 7.5/10          Vorgär fb      Vorgär bandcamp

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