Horsebastard / Noisebazooka (EveryDayHate, Grind Chucks Div.)

Two twin brothers that were separated when they were small kids – that is the best metaphor that would describe these two bands and the level of their insanity. They were born thousands kilometers away from each other, but they grew up very similar, and now they are ready to go wild. The cover of this album only proves the fact that you hold a very big thing in your hands. I had the first impression that the cover image came out of depths of psychiatric isolator, wahaha!

I always had Horsebastard in my list of the most extreme and crazy bands. Perhaps their music is heavily influenced with their location… I did not find the answer for this question yet. But I can assure you that even this small piece of madness (namely 6 tracks) is totally enough to fall enough with (or completely hate) this guys. Their extreme screaming guitars sound is something that only professionally trained man can handle. Two different types of vocals also play their important role in a complete picture of disaster. And the drummer is playing his parts so fast, that it makes me think that his speed can create some kind of gravity field or a black hole that will swallow other musicians, lol

Noizebazooka is something that goes beyond any frames and limits. The work of this duet is known for very punchy, aggressive and violent noisecore. Sometimes their tracks go on hyperspeed, sometimes they crawl as a 80-year old man riding the giant super-slow turtle. Here you can also find some bits of electronic noise that makes this record even more interesting. Curiously enough, you will even hear some guitar solos, lol) Drum tracks are digital, and they knock the shit out of your ears, making the noise canvas full of pain and pleasure.

Rating: 8.5/10 7/10    Horsebastard   Noisebazooka   Buy this split here!

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