Antigama ‎– Intellect Made Us Blind (Fat Ass Records)

This review was not an easy one for me. Probably it’s because I know what kind of transformations this band had in past years and how different its first and last albums are. 

There are tons of bands that are working hard from morning till night to look more aggressive, mean and have dark sound and there are those that seem to be born with all these qualities and evil is simply flowing in their blood. One of these groups – the Polish guys called Antigama. And I must say that name suits them 100%. These guys have no style or time frames (Polish maniacs do well with tracks of completely different lengths) and they develop this “tradition” with every new album. But today we will focus on their first album “Intellect Made Us Blind”. Originally the album was released on CD in 2002, but I got the vinyl reissue of 2011 (Fatt Ass rec). Honestly, I do not agree with the title of this album – as for me, the more you develop yourself in various ways, the more you see the terrifying truth of the world. 

Each side of the LP contains 5 songs. The atmosphere of the album is very grim. The musical chaos that these boys perform sometimes just does not fit in my head. Here you will hear both light pieces of electronic music, and rough death-metal guitar riffs (especially in “Come & Go”). There is a place here for grindcore as well, especially when drummer turns blastbeats on. I was hooked on a track called Savoir-Vivre Mastas. As for me, it is the most grinding track on this album. Also, this album touches with its sincerity. Vocalist puts all the evil which he has in his parts (and it really sounds convincingly), guitarist and bassist both erase their fingers to bones on those broken riffs, and I am more than confident that the drummer cursed the record more than once while repeating all those hyperfast parts. 

Rating: 8/10      Antigama      Order here! 

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