Couple Skate – Tales From The Corpse

Finally! Vinyl version of Tales From The Corpse is out! A lot of labels worked hard on releasing this, and it turned out great!
11 tracks full of crazy gurgling massacre – that’s what you need when it’s sad and foggy! Guys did a great job, no less, so let’s see what this album has. It feels like vocals here erupting from the very bottom of the bowel through the mouth with all its content, haha! But, jokes aside, this distorted sound reminds me of metallic clatter, which is awesome. If you remember LDOH (of course you remember LDOH, goddamit :))) the main focus there was on vocals and drums, here’s a little different situation and the drums are more like a background here, but not too much still.
Side B really impressed me. Hell, I haven’t heard a voice of Keeper of the Crypt for so long, haha! Such joyful nostalgia, old cute corpse heralds song Abra Cadaver and then again, this gurgling madness continues. Song structure fits perfectly for the dance parties, here we have a lot of rotten groovy parts and enough of fast blastbeat parts. By the way, if you’re interested when it was recorded, it was at the end of 2014 – beginning of 2015.
To be honest, I don’t really like Gruesome Grahx’s works, but what they did here even I found awesome. The artwork is pretty funny (in a dark way, of course), the artist depicted every member of the band tearing apart some unlucky guy.
When you try to put this review in a one single sentence, the result will sound like this: “Couple Skate made a great portion of goregrind with a good punk spirit in it”

Rating: 8.5/10     Couple Skate fb     You can buy this EP here! 

Labels which released this split: Opaqus Records, Misanthropic Ignorance Records, Splattergod Records, Appalachian Noise Records , Grindfather Productions, Feel Good Grind Tapes, Nailjar Records 

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