Bolo – Red Cross (Gears That Turn)

This St. Petersburg band isn’t anything new for me. But it was a pleasant surprise that their Red Cross EP’ came on vinyl (more and more different groups of post-soviet countries release their music on vinyl, and this is realy nice). I was a little surprised by the cover of this release (the Surgery on cerebellum and removing it), this image may be suitable more for the Brazilian butchers Rancid Flesh, but not for Russian powerviolence gang. Music that this guys have made is very distinctive in some cases. Guitar riffs feel like a heavy hangover from counterfeit russian vodka. Sometimes these riffs sound like obvious death metal stench. Blasts erupted by the frontman is more suited to classic grindcore bands than to the powerviolence. Quick chunks are switching to the slowdown parts as it should to be in the song structure of such genre. I know that these guys are influenced by the works of Eric Wood. And as a result we have a Russian version of Bastard Noise on the final track “Eat Shit Pt. 2”. Generally, on the bottom line we have good EP that may impress listener by its heavy atmosphere flavored with good doom portions that forces you listen to this EP again and again).

Rating: 7.5/10    Gears That Turn     Bolo 

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