Paralyzed Society / Shutdown

In the good old tradition of grind / crust / noise / pv bands love to make splits. The result of this love I now happy to hold in my hands. Two continents meet each other on this tape. Good old Europe and the US. Designed in classic dark colors, the cover image shows us a house after a heavy bombing, that should make it clear even for very stupid person, that work of both bands are connected with the social topic. 
Unfortunately this is the last current release from Paralyzed Society, guys probably concentrated their affords on Matka Teresa and simply do not have time to deal with the other projects. I hope, that soon we will be able to hear something new by P.S. For this record guys have prepared a very nice little intro and outro. The explosions of shells, noise of gunshots … This is the intro here. In terms of recording it is a raw rehearsal sound, that nevertheless sounds very well. In terms of material guys have done nothing revolutionary new and remained faithful to the good old, maybe a bit dirty, grindcore. Insane screams, aggressive guitar and enduring drums, it all sounds true, and I do not care that the sound is far from ideal. 
Meanwhile the band Shutdown is a fine example of a fresh wave power violence. Unfortunately this band existed not for a very long time and it’s their only record. Shutdown was created by band members of such American bands as AxRxM and Bastardass. Starting with the slow rocking, guys make it faster and faster and in a blink of an eye from the speakers runs just an aggressive mess! All attributes of power violence met there and groovy pieces have increadible quick runs, beautiful bass sound, hysterical screams and the atmosphere is total fucked up. 

Rating: 7.5/10 8/10 

Labels which released this split: Grindfather Productions, Extreme Terror Production, Rotten Gorol Production, Drop Out Records 

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