Internal Damage – Age Of Violence (EveryDayHate)

Internal Damage is a band from St. Petersburg was formed in 2007.These guys set for ourselves three objectives: grindcore, old school, and grindcore once again!In the first years lives of Internal Damage guys have already managed to make an album and a split with the legendary Japanese Unholy Grave.But in this review we will look at their second album Age Of Violence. 
Indeed we can say that the cover of the CD forms a clear idea of what you will hear, inserting the disc into your player.Unchanging artist under the name Jon, keeps guys a support for his work.This time he managed to convey the violence as it is and its source very cleary. 

There is one thing that I was very surprised, it’s an intro to the album.The title track of Age Of Violence was given completely at the mercy of the drummer, this song have the sick interpretation of the surrounding violence, it has turned unusually.Splendiferous batch of metallized grindcore overwhelm you from the second track and will not weaken its onslaught right up to the very end!All the best that was in the old school grindcore is here.The texts with unpleasant but urgent problems of humanity, an excellent and powerful vocals, guitars sounding like out of the depths the hell, and this good old blastbit. 

Perhaps these Russian guys sounds now in very old way and even accepted as well, especially among the current wave of grindcore, with absolutely insane and experimental material and licked sound.But be sure that the fans of the earlier Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Ass Ache will be very happy. 

P.S. It is quite strange and unfair that such a great band goes unnoticed … 

Rating: 8.5/10    Internal Damage      EveryDayHate

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