Sick Of Stupidity – One Shot, One Kill (Rødel Records)

One hell of a noisy notification came to our grind community from a new grindviolence band called Sick Of Stupidity. It was especially noted that there’s a former member from Jesus Cröst, but I think it’s pretty unfair to point out only one musician in the band, ‘cause they’re all cool people. And I should say that overall it’s not something that can guarantee a band being great, but that’s not the case here.
One thing I would like to note from the beginning is the band’s approach towards what they’re doing. They didn’t fuck around and went to the studio and recorded an album. No demos, no bandcamp stuff, the whole album and an instant physical release so you can buy it and go home full of excitement, and then it’s either jumping around with enjoinment or throwing it out the window with disappointment (fortunately, I got a first option). 
Some might say that the cover of the album is pretty much suitable for the name. But I can’t say that I liked it much. Kinda reminded me early Carcass’ album covers and this stuff Mayhem came up with in the 90s (I hope it’s not a friend of someone on the cover). Also it’s pretty strange that there’s no contact information to be found. There’re all the lyrics, band’s line-up, but no contact information…
One Shot, One Kill was announced a long time ago. If I’m not mistaken, the release was scheduled in spring and you would have seen this band on OEF and would have bought their debut album, but as always, something went wrong, and the album was available for the purchase only in autumn. This 10-inch has 11 tracks, and I think it’s the optimal quantity of tracks for this kind of music, since it’s not overloading your brain with blastbeats and loud heavy guitars. Impressive mix of grindcore and powerviolence that surely make you joyfully shit in your pants! Your ears will be bombarded with screeching noisy guitars and blastbeats that sound like shower of hail on the roof. You can hear that the band tried its best to make a great album, and you can feel the teamwork on it. The only thing that bothers me is a bit modern sound, feels like this release is targeted for more young fans of extreme music, but thanks to physical release being analog, the sound there is much more alive compared to CD sound, which is great!

Rating: 8/10      RØDEL Records     Sick Of Stupidity

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