Insomnia Isterica is a 3-piece grindcore band from the South of Switzerland started in 2006 with over 20 releases and many more to come.
After playing in juvenile hardcore punk and death metal bands, Giulio and Attila decided in 2006 to rejoin their forces to create another stupid band to waste their time, drink some beers together and fight paranoia. Thanks to alcohol abuse and constant hatred they released their first demo and splits on pro cd-r and tape format and took part on some compilations.

Some times later they asked Mirko and Fafo to join the band mainly to play live as session members but because of the great friendship they became soon part of the band. Some months after a girl named Jasmin took over the bass duties. With this line up Insomnia Isterica recorded and released its first split 7″ with Compost and some months after a split 7″ with Agathocles (with FaBio on bass). Jasmin left the band shortly after.
In the following years they released other split 7″ with their other fastcore band Gokurtrussell, with the Swiss grind legends Embalming Theatre, Terror Firmer (one of the greatest Italian grind bands) and Exenteration, another Swiss band that shared the stage with IAxIA many times. After the release of the split 7″ with Exenteration, Fafo left the band because of lack of time to drink and sing.
The first full 7” “Alcoholarchy” is released in December 2014 after some pause from other releases. In Summer 2014 the band finally embarks in its first European tour with Warfuck (F).
In the meantime other stuff got released on CD and tape and many other noisy recordings are waiting to be unleashed on every format available through Attila’s and Giulgio’s DIY label L’è Tütt Folklor Records and with the help of some other friends’ DIY labels.

Insomnia Isterica fb   Folklor records bandcamp

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