Agathocles & Cruel Face (Contra Boots)

When touring and contaminating our planet with mincecore contagion, Agathocles leave lots of live recordings in their trail every here and there. Well, many of them are lowly. After Agathocle’s grandiose Brazilian tour, this split came to light that way. The gig was a tuneful cooperation with Cruel Face (who have kept silence lately) in Sao Paulo city. This very split caught my attention because the concert was recorded in a befitting way, the sound was scaled from the panel and re-recorded then. Frankly speaking, I’ve rarely seen anything like that. 
Belgians pensioners present 20 songs. The fathers of mincecore share the prodigious bounce with the fans. The high-quality recording gives the possibility to notice musical miscues, and that’s amusing somehow. Notwithstanding Agathocles turned 30 years (!!!), these gentlemen go on playing best hits. Jan being as how a real rockstar communicates with the crowd. The set is finished by Larm cover… famed in legends! 

Cruel Face set 20 minutes to their part. By contrast with Jan, the Brazilian vocalist was scant of speech, so the guys just threw songs one after another aggressively, which is awesome as well. I haven’t turned much attention to Cruel Face before, and how wrong I was! Their music make an aboriginal rough grindcore. So fast and alive! I like Brazilian collectives for non-experimentalizing. 99% of the set consisted of their own material exept for one neat Rot cover. Brazilian energy purely filled the hall… Oh, I should have visited Sao Paulo! heheh. 
P.S.: This cassette is the first release of one young label- Contra Boots… what can I say to that?… such a lucky move. I hope the label will keep up the drive. 

Rating: 8/10    Agathocles   Cruel Face    Contra Boots 

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