Proletar oozed its putrid way into the underground grind, punk, powerviolence thrash scene in 1999, playing scattered local shows and solidiflying the first line up of Udinoise, Bowo, Anto, Acut and Ipul. Soon after the band worked its balls off to release its much anticipating their first demo simply called “Massive Resistance” in 2000. This Hyperpunk grind possesing begunto create “massive” interesting in the band and its unique approach to its musical madness. Soon after the demo the notorious comprises managed to released their full length called “Rakyat Jelata”. 

A small change in the line up didn’t get on the way, “there`s a Spectre Haunted” EP saw the light of the day and it was included as part of split released with SATELLITE. World wind struggle within the band leave Ipul all by him selves no other choice but continue the band. Firman on Bass/voc and Diyan on Drum joined the PROLETAR grinding house soon after. The mincing trio managed to spewed “War Against The New World” EP split with EXTREME DECAY AND “Universal Ideas” EP. Levoy replace Diyanin 20015 and Followed by “Physical and Mental Torture” and 7″ EP split with the grind Mafioso DIORRHEA (Italy). Firman decided to call it a day in 2010 and soo replaced by Ryzki a.k.a Keke. The most stable line up succed in bringing more grinding apocalyptic proletarian mince tunes in the forms of numerous 7″ split with the likes of ANALDICKTION (Singapore), GREBER (Canada) & ENTRAILS MASSACRE (Germany) also ssharing a plate with the countrymen counter attack GRINDBUTO & ONSET OF SERIOUS PROBLEM in humble forms of a 3 way split CD. The future is about to look great on PROLETAR clan as they are about to close 2013 sealing the deal with STILLBORN SOUNDS to release “From Mindless Syndrom To The Eternal Decay” a compilation comprises material taken from 7″ splits, re-recorded materials and a couple of a surprisingly extreme cover songs from CARCASS & MORBID ANGEL. in midle of 2014 Ryzky out from the band and replace by Nino Aspiranta from TRAUMA
Ipul (guitar)
Levoy (vox/drum)
Nino aspiranta (Vox)

Proletar fb

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