Haemophagus & Subjugation split 7"

What the vinyl marked with an eight pointed star of chaos and darksome human skulls is expected to be? Right, it’s a grim prospect (go piss up a rope, if you go to church every Sunday). The split of Italian Haemophagus and Turkish Subjugation may become a truly trial)) 
I’ve heard Haemophagus previously, but at that time their music was sheerly saturated with grind sound. Now you can hardly notice any. While I was reading annotation to this release, I remarked that an author had compared Haemophagus to Machetazo and Repulsion… to be candid, I don’t think so… The first track is kind of a flashback to monolithic middle-tempo deathmetal, something in the spirit of 90’s. However, “Monsters in Park” smacks of Machetazo, Repulsion, even Impetigo maybe! It’s an exhilarating song with right sound and intensely nice rock’n’roll ending! It’s such a pity, that Italian drunks haven’t recorded any more tracks for this split. 
The next collective unveiled on the spit – Subjugation, is a new blood (they began to make music in 2013). It’s worthy of note that their drummer is ex-member of Sakatat! So here you get, as it were, deathgrind: sepulchral rawness of deathmetal and fast grindcore. Both old metalheads and grind freaks will be satisfied. Slow death riffs are interleaved with fast shots, scream is interleaved with growl. By the way, it’s guys’ first serious work, and it worked out very well. 

Rating: 7,5/10   Haemophagus   Subjugation   Buy your own copy! 

Labels which released this split: Neanderthal-Stench, EveryDayHate, Bloodspit Records, Cataleptic Remains Production, Noyz Tapes, ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni, Suburgatory Records, Wartorn Noise, Grind Your Mind Records

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