SpermBloodShit – Grinding Under The Influence

The Italian trio SpermBloodShit don’t tired to conquer new stages and in between from tours, going to the studio. Just two months ago, this vinyl was left the gloomy walls of factory and went to all of those who have been waiting for this release. Grinding Under The Influence completely justifies its name. In this record, guys give the respect to : Haemorrhage, Rotten Sound, Venomous Concept, and even Judas Priest! Covers were very good, and was made in their insane Italian style. Most of all, I liked the cover on the Spanish pathologists Haemorrhage. A cover on the legendary Judas Priest was laugh and surprised and very interesting performance of Breaking The Law, I recommend to listen everything. And in the end all was finished with rock and roll, They made a cover on punk band, called Venomous Concept, that was very good ending of the of “The Influence”! part. In the second side (where was declared some bonuses) guys trown three old tracks, recorded 6 years ago. And to be honest, It did not surprise me, just liked the sound of the snare … 
Grinding Under The Influence got great artwork (thanks to Mattia Sferrella for this). Also there is a very nice bonus, fans have to evaluate accurately, cover on this seven-inch expanded into a great poster! By the way on this seven-inch, you can check out the new logo, as for me it is much better than old one. 

Rating: 7.5/10

SpermBloodShit         You can order this vinyl at Wooaaargh!

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