Formed back in 1990 Haemorrhage are considered the pioneers of Spanish goregrind. In 1995 Haemorrhage debut album “Emetic Cult” brought the band the honour of beign the first ones to release an album on a foreign label. The album got a certain success in the underground scene and it was followed by one of the band’s classicks “Grume” in 1996 that puts the band in the frontline of the genre. The band progression is certified album after album with “Anatomical Inferno”, “Morgue Sweet Home” and “Apology for Pathology”, their last album on the german label Morbid Records. With the band it their top they got signed by Relapse Records to release “Hospital Carnage” in 2011.Besides a huge discography Haemorrhage is worldwide famous for beign the first ones in performing dressed in surgical uniforms adding a visual element to the pathological lyrics and goregrind musick.

Haemorrhage bandcamp      Haemorrhage fb

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