Fiend (19.11.15)

Hey Adam, Johnny! How are you guys? Please give us a short Fiend’s biography so the not-knowing scumbags could enlighten their mind a bit!)

Adam: Doing well thanks! Hope all has been well with you these days. Fiend formed in the summer of 2012 with Johnny, myself and our former vocalist Michael. We all were at a low point in our lives and needed an outlet for everything going on which led to the existence of the band. 3 years later, a lineup change and we’re still here. Good way to channel all that negativity that builds up from daily life.


You’ve started as a two-piece, was it hard to do such stuff as a duet? What about teaming up with more members or is there a reason to keep Fiend as a duet?
Johnny: Honestly I think things have been a lot easier since we’ve been a two piece. As far as adding new members it seems unnecessary at this point since we seem to work so well with just the two of us.
Adam: I definitely agree. Things run really smoothly without any hassle and plus my gear setup allows for me to compensate for both guitar and bass. Its a win win. It did take a while to get used to singing and playing but its pretty much second nature now.
We have noticed you did some touring around your motherland with Haggus and Dead Issue, any tour highlights for our readers?
Adam: Tour was an absolute blast! Every day was so much fun. Unfortunately Dead Issue couldn’t make the tour with us which was a bummer since we were really looking forward to that. Our time with Haggus was the best though, they’re our great friends and there are plans to do a midwest/east coast area tour in April! Looking forward to that. A definite highlight was our first time in Seattle, WA was on this past tour which was absolutely amaing and the response was pretty unreal to say the least. Its great to know people enjoy what we do! Every single day was great in its own way, we met so many amazing people that made us feel so welcome and their hospitality meant and means the world to us. Seriosusly wasnt a single bad time other than breaking down the second day but that ended up being an easy fix haha.
Also, since you have been to lots of places, saw lots of people around, what about the attendance on the gigs? Is there (do you feel on yourown) any people’s interest growing to the grindcore?
Johnny: Anytime you play out of town it can just depend to be honest. There’s a lot of factors that can come into play that’ll determine whether a show will be a killer one or not. There are definitely areas where it thrives more than others.
You have to stay sharp, to be in a shape to prroduce badass grindcore. How much time do you spend beating pillows in your bedroom, Johnny?
Johnny: as much beer and practice as possible! haha.
Adam: haha pretty much the same, a lot of times I’ll come home from work on days we aren’t jamming and play guitar on and off for the better portion of the afternoon to keep up and make sure I don’t get rusty.
I heard you guys play in a Battleshok, a local punk band, right? Can you tell readers more about it?
Adam: Battleshok is a Stenchcore/Death Metal/Crust band that has been around long before Johnny I both joined. Stuff in the vein of Bolt Thrower, Stormcrow, Sanctum and just super heavy d-beat shit.
Since your last released record (Dead Issue split) there’ve been quite a time. What`s new you prepare for us?)
Adam: We’ve been really busy writing new material for a ton of splits we’ll be working on this year. We have 9 songs right now currently and 3 covers that will be placed amongst random releases throughout the year. Our goal is to have 20 tracks by January when its time to record. Pushing to have even more if possible. First split that’s being worked on is our split 7″ with Suffering Mind, we also have a ton of other ones lined up that we need to touch base with the other bands about.
What about your popularity? Does your fanbase increase and is there any escape from the constant offers from the bands to do a split with you guys?
Johnny: Surprisingly our fanbase continues to grow and our list of potential splits is always growing which is absolutely amazing and we’re so stoked that people enjoy what we do and want to collaborate with us for releases. We just hope people can bear with us since we can be a bit of a slow moving band.
More questions: A tricky one, what difficulties stand in the way of a young bands? What was the most difficult part? e.g Releasers, reh. spaces etc…
Johnny: Coming from a city like we do there are endless obstacles. with things such as a very small scene, to very limited places to practice. We were very lucky when we firt started because Me and the former singer lived at a collective in Downtown Fresno that was very supportive of art/musical creativity. but in recent years we have had to move to severeral different practice spots and are currently practicing in a spare room at Adam’s house. Also, limited funds can be a hindering factor that comes into play as well.
How do you relax after a nice set on stage? What drink awaits you on a barstand?)
Adam: Great weed and a nice beer! (Porters and stouts are my favorite but I drink almost anything haha)
Johnny: Same! haha
Let’s get back to blasting: Remove a curtain behind how Fiend songs are born?!
Adam: Haha usually the inspiration comes when I’m having a pretty shitty day. Fiend really is just trying to channel every ounce of negativity and hopelessness we can possibly muster into the music. I’m definitely not one to rush the writing process because I feel like it takes away from what we’re really trying to go for.
Hey, can you tell us and describe about the worst show you have ever done? Where was the biggest crap?)
Probably the worst show was recenty at a place called “The Lexington” in Los Angeles, CA (a town we fucking love for the record, the show in particular just happened to not work out in our favor whatsoever) Show started late, we didnt get to start setting up until 1:45am, the place closed at 2am, had 15 minutes to set up AND play, we didnt have enough time to really set any of our gear up, sounded like absolute shit and maybe only played 3 songs.
That was it guys!!! No more dumb questions, first of all thanks a TON for the interview!!! Last words for the readers, please…
 Not a problem!! Thanks for taking the time for the questions! We have a ton of stuff in store for 2016 so keep an eye out! Cheers!
For more info:  Fiend fb     Fiend bandcamp

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