Vulgaroyal Bloodhill/ Sulsa (Soondoongi)

Today two rival Asian countries mount our musical ring: Sulsa from South Korea and Vulgaroyal Bloodhill from Japan. While bands take their operating sites, let’s describe each one in detail… In due order the first one shall be a band which opens the split. Vulgaroyal Bloodhill hold themselves out as new wave of Japanese goregrind which it is, actually. The quartette of blood-stained samurai have brought into being great groove: a grim cocktail of gore, punk and grindcore. Such Hurricane Katrina knocked me dead. I was pleased with variegated sound and composition of those 5 songs, though they aren’t beyond the scope of Vulgaroyal Bloodhill, yeah! 
It was the first time I’ve seen the name of Sulsa. There you have it – they play goregrind in South Korea! Sulsa is also a band of four. Hmm… vast majority of their material is classical gore, gore-noisy between times. Their sound is dirty and hard-hitting! This obscurantism pleases the ears. On the whole, I made a great point when I heard these guys, I will keep tabs on their music. Finally, a few words about design and label. Split springs from loins of Korean label – Soondoongi, kept by the bassist of Sulsa. The art is interesting; it seems to be a shot of black-and-white movie. The back is inwrought with Onibaba (a witch). 
Of course, not everyone will see the true value of such a simplicity, but I am absolutely satisfied. This is what I say: if you’re beglamorred by goregrind and you take its modern tendencies adequately, you will like this split. 

Rating: 6/10 ; 8/10   Soondoongi rec  Sulsa    Vulgaroyal Bloodhill 

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