Afgrund – Corporatocracy (Fat Ass Records)

Sweden is no picnic: it’s not only cows out on green meadows and impressive cultural sights. Sweden is a motherland of many prominent bands – there’s no point naming them, because you know them all too well 🙂 “Corporatocracy” bears a name of mini-album regardless of the fact that 19 minutes is not short time. Seen the light in 2013, this album stamped in heads and came into many collections. So far as I recall that year it was easily accessible to get colored vinyls at the price of black ones, so a particular enterprising guy of “Fat Ass Records” label was quick off the mark. So that’s how it is. The Swedes give soft spot for arms from olden times, and they created their own allusive arms. 
It settled into something strange, actually, because crocodiles on arms are not an everyday feature. Truth be told, it is stylish. The material goes down a storm: 11 tracks only, in compensation powerful ones. This release is with a suspicion of hardcore, but grind is never held back. Swedish guitars. Great balance. A pinch of melodiousness. 
Vocals are quiet plummy, heartrending and aggressive. The drummer thumps that fast and loud as if he was overamped. Intro made me laugh, FUCK THE MCDONALDS SHIT is what I can add. 
Unfortunately, Afgrund has dropped off the radar. I know that instrumentation endured changes. But guys can be noticed playing live which is a good omen! 

Rating: 8,5/10        Afgrund      Fat Ass records 

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