Headless Death was formed in 2011 by the human rubble left over from Roskopp and Pathetic Human. Totally embittered but too stupid to bail out of grindcore for good, Christoph, Lachie and Zev dragged Fil from Rort into the mix, then burped out a demo tape before Fil had time to learn the songs properly.

6 months and a bunch of shows later, Zev pulled another dick move and went AWOL. Ignoring this opportunity to turn their shitty lives around (by quitting), Christoph, Fil and Lachie pressed on as a 3 piece. With this lineup they pointlessly subjected more people, including 2 rooms full of idiots in Adelaide, to a storm of resentful noise and piercing feedback.

Returned to full strength as of late 2012, Headless Death backs itself further into a dead end as deteriorating personal circumstances, bad debts and disrespect to Pintado’s ghost take their toll.

A torrent of sour mockery, repulsive dino-grind, apoplectic blasts, insufferable clunky slowdowns; an horrendous vision of Lachie’s Patrick Swayze hair as Headless Death finally crushes your skull.

Headless Death bandcamp

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