Fistula – Ignorant Weapon (Bad Road Records & Let The Bastards Grin)

It is hard to sat something about such mammoths like Fistula but I have to try, right? This summer, Moscow sludge-based label Bad Road Records along with it’s british colleagues Let The Bastards Gring, have released a brand new seven inch: Ignorant Weapon. Like one of my buddies say: “Fistula is always painful”, and I have to say it is true. Contents of this wax would make you crush your own limbs as well as everything around you. You would experience some earbleed for sure. Here we have a pair of tunes and another couple of cover songs of Fang and Antiseen! I must highlight this recording were done long before the Vermin Prolifucus, but for some reasons these two tunes did not make it to any release until this day. This recording was done utilizing the Linehan brothers who left Fistula year before. New track could tell you what glue is better on the storeshelves and how do you use it. What is sung in “This is Sodom, not L.A.” you can guess by yourself. Do not be fooled by first riffs, you would not meet the slow tunes here! Music here is heavy and crust punk-laced. Such combo would not let you daydream at all. Sleve design can easily emphasize the harm of the smoke and the health endangering addiction to mind-alterating substances. On the inlay you can notice the creation of Scott Stearns, you have to check it for sure, because there is no second infernal snail like this one….

Total: 8,5/10       Fistula fb       Bad Road

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