Begrime Exemious / Flash Out (Filth Regime Records)

This split has got a high concentration of Canadian singularity… 
When listening I was afraid to be dashed with maple syrup,hehe! Joking aside, this release is quite a great collaborative work of two Canadian bands. Despite the fact that all sources of information call Begrime Exemious a black/death metal band, I strongly feel punk moiety here. 
Unfortunately there are only two tracks. The first one -“Extinguished”, begins with rather trite monotonous guitar lick, but then guys slip into a fucking wicked quality! 
Here we get oldscool punk, some black metal and cemeterial stink of death metal. Simple, but enjoyable solos, rude vocals… just goodly. In patches guys are rising to Motorhead! However, what is to ask hairy battle-jacketed busters for?) 
Flash Out placed three tracks on this split. 
I must also note that, without regard to badly recorded vocals, 
the material sounds much phatter than on their debut album! 
The vocal seems to be recorded at live sets with kind of inferior gear, but still, it matched the atmosphere perfectly. Good, moderately raw guitars are sure to obtain hearts. Hmm, the subject of the “eye of providence” has already taken place at their preveous art coveries. Secretly, even this aspect is superior to the one on their album… 

Rating: 7/10

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