Parazitozis (17.10.15)

Hey Marcell, how are you doing?

Hey Alex, all good, a bit sick as always, and life is shit, but everything is cool i guess…

First of all, let’s talk about something else besides Parazitozis, your side projects I know that you have some deals with russian guys from Butcher MD and Active Stenosis?

Torn Lungs is our lovechild with Ioannis and Kirill through the internet. Im just about to record drums for the next shit.

I heard you toured Europe last year with Halitosis. What aftertaste did it left and what about touring Eastern Europe and Russia?

Yes, we pulled off a pretty dubious, but insanely fun little circle from Budapest to Lyon with me and Jeremy (Pulsating Cerebral Slime) filling in for the live incarnation of 30XX and added Parazitozis and Halitosis to the bill because its only a few more people. The tour itself was awesome, played some fucking insane places like a squatted mansion in lausanne, went to Lyon for pretty much nothing and met old friends on the way of course. I cant wait to reunite with Andrew to make goregrind 24/7!!!
And about eastern Europe and Russia, well, the first part is kind of done i guess, since we played the Balkans until Istanbul all the way this march with two of my other bands, SxOxTxEx and ????. That one was even a bigger experience, if I can even compare tours, every single show was insane, great experiences, horrible/beautiful looking places with very nice people and meeting best friends again on the road.
Im planning to get our asses over to Russia someday soon, but since we are in a bit of shit over here, its hard to pull it off in financial means sadly…

I spotted lots of cats on your cover art, what is all about these cats? You really like kitties that much or it is just some sarcasm?
No sarcasm here, I just really really love cats. I prefer felines over humans all together.
How did you get into such music? What was the first hit? What influences you on composing new tracks?
I got into grind and gore about the same time, after getting my ass out of metal stuff around 2006 I guess. I discovered Braindead zine, and through it bands like SFHS, Fuck… I’m Dead and GBN, Instant Favorites. Since then my enthusiasm even grow over me.
I listen to a very huge palette of music, but mainly noise and gore stuff (of course), prog/zeuhl and japanese pop (picopop and such are the best for me) these days. These all influence me, i try to rip off good parts, musical solutions and ideas and incorporate them in everything i record.
Could you tell me something about Hungarian scene? What could you suggest to our readers?
Short version: it sucks.
Let’s imagine how the hell looks like for a moment, what does the demon of hangover and angel of sobriety look like?
Fuck them both, fuck being sober and fuck being hung over. Smoke weed, best choice!
You top three gore albums?
I think this is impossible to list, but my most recent top 3 (while working) must be something like this:
Active Stenosis – Succumbed to Infection / Bodies Lay Broken – Eximinous Execration of Exiguous Exequies / LDOH – Putrefaction in Progress
As far as I know, Parazitozis is a one man band, so what about the live gigs? You just gather session members?
My best brother Mark is always there to help me on vocal duties, we are pretty much the same in almost every meaning, he knows what i need. As for the other half, our live drummer just needed to throw the towel in, he needs to go and rule the obscure country of desecristan. We are working on the new line-up, just need to sort shit out.
What about non-gory grindcore, crust and fastcore? You like such stuff? What are the best things about it?
Yeah, non-gory grind is almost equally good. I got bored a bit with crust and fastcore, but of course, you can always find something awesome in these genres.Ffrom non-gory grind i must nominate noisegrind and something fucked up like Psudoku for my pick tho.
A classic one: what new should we expect from Parazitozis what releases will be next?
Next up is ‘a collection of regurgitations’ tape by my good friend, Mik from Cadaveric Dissolution records. 15 planned, but yet unreleased songs from different splits and other materials.
What about good old trash on the screens? Are you waiting for the Ash vs Evil Dead new flick?
I lost interest in movies (after watching my favorite, zardoz for like 50 times in a row), which is fucking sad. I enjoy some flicks with others, but im not the type of guy who sits back and watches a good old splatter film.
Thats it man!!! Thank you for your time! Hope to have a couple cold beers with you someday!
Thanks a lot for the interest again, man. Hope to get through your neighbourhood sometime soon!
PS: fuck the hungarian scene.
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