Founded in 2012, Eastwood stand for uncompromising grindcore of the rough kind. The short songs are played at maximum speed and with their neckbreaking dynamics and some near-insane breaks, any hint of predictability is crushed immediately. Friends of grind, punk, crust or powerviolence are equally pleased with the merciless wall of sound that Eastwood create. The spiteful and cynical lyrics decompose and expose the absurdities of modern life, adding to the intensity of the music. Concerning production and distribution of records, Eastwood are fully devoted to the DIY spirit. After a couple of contributions to some underground compilations and the three split releases with Entendeu from Sao Paulo, Lovgun from Lyon and Captain Caveman from Trier, the band is currently working on its full length debut After gigs in and around Germany with renowned bands such as Agathocles, Yacøpsæ, Sanitys Dawn, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Massgrav or Primitive Man, Eastwood are eager to hit the road again in order to play more festivals and club tours. Next up is a tour through Czech Republic and Eastern Germany in March alongside Captain Caveman and Ill Neglect, while plans are also being made for a little summer vacation road trip with Lovgun through France, Spain and Portugal.

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