Violent Gorge & Plague

This vinyl traveled but-and-ben, the parcel arrived only with second shot. And even when I finally received it, problems resumed. It began to rain heavily and I had to race home like a bullet out of a gun, covering the postage with my T-shirt to keep it safe and secure, hehe. So, it worked out and now the record is all set to be prosected. Here two representatives of Canadian scene are: dirty mincecore on the one side and barbaric crust on the opposite. Violent Gorge is the project of guys from Archagathus, but higher in rawness . Secretly, I’m not a big fan of this band, but I found this very material worthy. Slow groove and fast noisy mincecore inosculate, abundantly swilled with bog water. 
Well, I haven’t listened to Plague before. The guys play fairly good crust, surely hitting at grindcore! Nothing too special at first thought… but after listening to 7 tracks full blast, you understand that guys put their hearts into the material. Which I liked the most is vocals, sounding butcherly, hehe. 
The visual part is penny plain. It’s quite no-frills, but here is the inlay, put midmost, which I took to right away – DIY totally, it’s bound to be at this rate! By the way, the vinyl is not habitually black; it’s mossy-and-blue with dissimilar stains. This colorful “rhapsody” became a welcome surprise for me. 

Rating: 7/10

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