Last Days Of Humanity — Putrefaction In Progress (Fat Ass Records)

I guess only aboriginals or a jungle cannibals haven’t heard of this one hell of a goregrind team. Few years ago, this band gained horrific worldwide recognition. Reissues started to spawn like salvo after salvo and now it is time to enjoy reissued Putrefaction In Progress on vinyl format! Thanks to Fat Ass Records! This album became a sometging like a benchmark for the band. LDOH were well known for splitting up every two years or so by the way, but! Split with FUBAR is rumoured. Lets get back to Putrefaction…: it is real hard to add something about this album. I think every reviewer already did his job. I have to notice, this reissue sawthe light of the day on coloured wax. Looks so magnificent! Honestly, Putrefaction In Progress is a one of a giant entity for my ears. If it wasn’t about spaces between tracks, I would consider it as a one huge track. I love this one but it is really a weird one, especially if you remember the classic gore grind the band played on its previous works, which have not had any guitar polyphony heard, but Putrefaction In Progress shoves a wall of noise straight in your face fueled by hate gathered after all this years spent as LDOH. This crazy whammy-vocal which sucks you extreme like a vertigo was sung by the original member since late eighties, Hans Smiths! Riffs are undecipherable. Enough said: noisecore fans would be pleased. And of course the main ingredient: THIS SNARE blasting along with a salad of cymbals and MASSIVE kick drum at 340-360 bpm. THESE FREAKING DRUMS ON STEROIDS, a tin can pinging brutal bashing barbarity played on high-level with insane technicality. It literally penetrated your skull, then vocal is finishing you off. You will have to change your underwear and pants after/while listening.
As the post scriptum part I would like to add it is extremely pleasant to hold this hell of an album on a vynil.

Ratings: 8.5/10        Last Days of Humanity    Fat Ass rec  

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