Acid Feast is a three piece Grind/Gore band out of Seattle, Washington USA (Jimmy-Guitar/Vocals, Drew-Drums and Brandon-Bass) some influences are Regurgitare, Dead infection, Malignant tumor ect.. So far we’ve released a 2014 demo,Horrendous Miscreation split tape on Thirdeyegrind,Girth split tape on Nihilistic Despair/Raincitygrindcore and a split tape with Bob plant on Mullet death records. Back in March we went on a 2 week west coast tour w/Bob plant(nor cal mincers) As of now we are getting ready to record a split with Glob from Texas and writing for a split with our brothers in grind Of corpse(seattle death metal/gore) some other splits we have lined up are: 4 way split 10″ w/Grinch finger/Nekro Drunkz/Your kids on fire, and a split w/Archagathus. Later on we plan to release tons of splits and an EP somewhere inbetween and also a mid west tour next summer.

Acid Feast fb       Acid Feast bandcamp

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