Stheno ‎– Damnation Is Forever

Good Guys Go Grind continues its adventure into the deepest parts of Greek mythology, booze and grindcore bands 🙂 Today we’re listening to the first release of young Greek band Stheno. 
These guys decided to start off with vinyl EP (of course, it’s very popular nowadays, but still, right off the bat with vinyl, that’s pretty rare). And the name of this release is Damnation is Forever! It was supported by Scull Crasher label (also from Greece), alongside with three other labels. 
One noticeable feature about Greek scene is black metal influences and attention to great art covers. Sometimes I wonder if there’s a whole organization of artists and designers who create for Greek bands. 
On the cover we can see Medusa’s head, well, on the first look, but turns out it’s a head of her sister – Stheno. Guys from the band really knocked it out with inner parts of this release telling us about this creature with snake hairs, so there’s really no point wondering about it since it’s all been explained already by the band itself.
Anyway, let’s move on to the music, obviously. 5 tracks full of metallic grindcore / crust, sometimes they have some black metal parts and samples from different movies, and that is, I should note, is a very good way to keep your music fresh and interesting. While listening to these 5 tracks I immediately imagine battle of the old gods from the Olympic, don’t know why, but it’s just happening to me.
Good Guys Go Grind will remember Stheno and we will look forward to their new stuff they’ll come up with.

Rating: 7.5/10            Stheno fb        Scull Crasher 

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