Butcher M.D. is a goregrind project formed in Ryazan (Russia) by Kirill “Maestro” Samoylov (Guitar, Bass, Programming). It is heavily influenced by RGTE, LDOH, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage etc. BMD is a studio project and has no intention to do live shows. After the search for a fitting vocalist, Kirill wrote Erwin de Groot (SMES, ex-LDOH, etc…) to help him out. In the beggining of February 2014 the band comes up with 5-track demo which would be used on split with slovakian Distrophy later. Year after this split was released by Cadaveric Dissolution (Russia). From May to July tracks for Hyperemesis and Metastasis splits were recorded. In October 2014 4 tracks for a split with chilean Gruesome Bodyparts Autopsy are done which was released on the 7″ by Twisted Truth Records. In May 2015 BMD decides to come up with a full-length album which is titled “Traces Of Blood” which is released by Bizarre Leprous Productions. Tape version is coming by Cadaveric Dissolution soon.
Future releases are split with Active Stenosis, split with Magistral Flatulences, split with Archagathus.

Butcher fb   Butcher bandcamp

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