Alea Iacta Est & Rageous Intent (Sekac Records)

What could possibly be common between Slovakia and Spain? You could waste a whole week thinking about it, but I recommend you to listen to this split instead! These bands are huge friends for sure, they toured together in Europe and then made a split!
Alea Iacta Est is not a new band for me, I already did a review on their split with Controlled Existence from Czech Republic. Sometime later I got another package from Attila.
The band presented 7 new tracks on this split. To be perfectly sure, I listened to this split three times and here are my thoughts about Slovakian side. The band has grown up both in making music and sound. Overall mood is the same, but nevertheless, I heard some fastcore and even powerviolence there. I really enjoyed it! Fast as machine gun drums, evil screaming vocals and bloody fingers of guitarist and bassist! When combined, you really can’t go wrong with this tracks, hehe!))
And now let’s take a look at Rageous Intent. I guess it’s pretty young band on Spanish grindcore scene. By the way, the one who plays guitar here is Gerardo Fernandez from legendary Denak! RI side contains 5 tracks of good grindcore massacre. Everything is in place, the sound is not as good as Slovakian has on their side, but nothing to be done here, it’s how it is. But their art cover is completely another story! Sex-symbol of terrorism Ronald McDonald hugging a SWAT team member. Great idea, really funny and has a deep social meaning!)

Rating: 8.5/10 7/10      Alea Iacta Est       Rageous Intent

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