Yacøpsæ / Shitnoise Bastards

Finally here is it! My long awaited split! So this release in original was on tape but here’s a great news for those who had no choice but to buy it, now you can grab a vinyl version. 8 labels got together in hell circle and with all their strength they pulled out from the deepest furnaces of vinyl plant as much as 300 copies!) Mad & ugly design of front cover hide under something fast and noisy… Fuck, that was hard for me to find adapter for my turntable to listen to this record. On the one hand it is very cool that this stuff made in old style for jukebox, who once pleased our parents when they were sitting at a bar with a pint of beer. But they made a bunch of problems for me, hehe… 
So I push the red button and here we go! German armor-piercing squad put on this split 4 live tracks. All sound was recorded through soundboard, so everything sounds good, and no need to make a grimacing face. lol) Already 25 years, these guys are not giving up and they still making tours (the last of the shows was in USA by the way) Where did they get so much energy? I myself would like to know… badass trio know how to make a good punk!) On this record we can hear ultra fast songs and there we can hear some slow pieces with some groovy smell. Unfortunately all info about this release is in German, and my blockhead don’t understand it 🙂 The next band on this split is Malaysian noisy band Shitnoise Bastards. To be honest I never was a fan of their stuff. I prefer the old noisecore bands, because they made many experiments with their music and made many mad things. But here we can’t hear all those what I’m talking about in previous sentence, SNB just play noisy improvisation, so I dont find it interesting. In new wave of noise (of course if I can say that) I prefer Sete Star Sept or Sedem Minut Strachu more.

Rating: 7.5/10  4,5/10     Yacoepsae    SNB                

Nuclear Alcoholocaust rec 

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