Gowl (24.07.15)

Hey, what’s new, folks? Hellbender grinders are happy to carry out this interview. Welcome smile emoticon.

Seth (Bass, Yelling) – Not much, working living.

I hardly know a thing about Connecticut (for shame!). What is captivating about these parts? Is local underground scene full-blown? Which bands stand out?

Its a small state and not really worth knowing about honestly. Its very hilly and has a few small mountain ranges. We have all four seasons and thats pretty nice, I guess ha. Theres not alot of bands were we are from in central Connecticut but down in New Haven and up in Western Massachusetts theres alot of stuff happening. Misanthropic Noise, Extermentals, Iron Hand and Pervert are all friends of ours who rock.

What about gigs? How do live performances hit you? Are you rather indifferent or fastidious when it comes to organisation? 

We all have jobs and its hard to play live when one of us works nights. But we love playing. I wouldn’t say we rarely play but as of late its has bin sparingly with are jobs. I set up alot of shows for touring bands that come thru in Mancehster and Hartford. The Whitney House was a big part of are scene up here for years but its dieing down now but my house started doing shows.

Where does a bandname “Gowl” spring from? Who hammered it out?

I use to be in a Noise band called Gowl and not much really came of it. When me and Ian started jamming with Kyle we couldn’t think of a name, after I while I remembered it and put it on the table. I guess it stuck. Honestly it doesn’t mean anything to us, It sounds like the word Growl ha, were simpletons.

How often do you drop in on your friends or local bars? What bevvy do you prefer?

I normally drink at home its cheaper. I know Kyle loves his local Polish club bar by his house. We all like cheap beer and cider.

What’s with your local grindfamily? I remarked that Gowl, Haggus, Dead Issue, Fiend and some more bands form a certain coterie, you actually often play together… 

Locally its just us and our brothers Misanthropic Noise. We have played with Haggus (Tom there guitar player is from Connecticut and was in Misanthropic Years ago), we played with dead issue out in ohio, about a 10 hour drive. We haven’t played with Fiend but we have in to Fresno before! California is on the other side of the country so not out there much.

A sore subject is looking for labels. How matters stand?
Which labels, that you worked with, left the best “give-backs”?

We havent worked with lables. We have released all our demos and records ourselves. We stand behind doing it yourself, if you dont want to put your own money into your music who else will. Our Album is going to be put out by Mass Deadening. Brads a good dude and were honord he wants to put his money and time into something we love doing.  

Your music is raw and high-power. Why have you come to this sound ? 
Do you have… sort of… a role-model?

We love Death Noise, we like when a band plays and its chaos. Life is chaos you know. We each love alot of different music, but honestly if theres one band we look up to its Metallica. Maybe not in sound but in song writing for sure.

Please, don’t misconstrue the utterance, on photos you bear a superficial resemblance to a kind of IT workers, white-collars, hehehe. How Gowlists spend their playtime and what are their occupation?

I sell, move and assemble Furniture. Kyle (drummer) disassembles heavy machinery and Ian (guitar) works at a Fedex wearhouse. None of us take offense dont worry. We all like getting drunk and high. Ian loves video games Kyle loves jamming with people and I have another band with John the guitar player from misanthropic Noise called Pervert. 

Once you mentioned that you’ve already had 250 gigs, you’re going global! hehe smile emoticon What places have you ranged? Which means of transport is the best for you?

We have played in most of North America (Canada and USA), havent gone Globle just yet. I own a van, well ive/we have owned a few and we drive to all of our shows. We love touring but work makes it hard.

Now let’s come down to frontmost question: are you working on new material? I’ve heard that grinders are lucky to expect a new album -“On Our Feet or On Our Knees”, drop a hint, please.

We have 13 new songs and got a few more in the pipe line. Record should be recorded later this year and should be out sometime in spring summer 2016 on Mass Deadening out of Winnipeg Manatoba Canada. This new stuff is more Death Metal and more Punk then the old stuff. Still fucked sounding.

There is word that cine shiteaters are planning to fuse Star Trek and Star War together in one movie, what do you think about it?

I dont have anything to add, Honestly I try to avoid oppions on things I dont think to care about.

Seth, what kind of thoughts are you ”blessed” with after a fetch booze-up?:)

Death and Lonelyness.

Unfortunately, an interview came to an end. Thank you for this chinwag! Our best.

Thanks for the interest Alex, Getcha Pull.

Gowl fb       Gowl bandcamp

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