xKatexMoshx & Sete Star Sept (14 labels)

Before doing a review, sometimes I feel the need to have an authentic background to fully digest what I’m about to listen. So here I am with an Italian wine, cheese and epic story of Godzilla and his friends on the screen, hehe!) I’m not going to hide this, the design on this record is brilliant! A mix of such simple colors, like black, white and red, managed to combine into such great picture. What’s really cool is an envelope that contains vinyl is black (red vinyl in black envelope, no excessive stuff). And the artwork itself is incredible! This is an infernal crossover of Mad Max and Fist Of The Northstar flavored with desomorphine haze. It feels like the artist was really on something while creating this, hehe!)
I’ll start with xKATExMOSHx, I knew this band for a long time, I was lucky to get in my possession their split with Fatal Nunchaku few years ago, but I’ve never got far away from this split with xKATExMOSHx. And too bad, I should say. Now i’m going to right my wrong here. So, new material from these Italians is very solid, I would even say that it has balls of steel, hehe! 8 tracks got into their side of the vinyl, and the songs are fast and in-your-face. This murderous mix of grindcore and powerviolence is like Molotov cocktail flying right into the SWAT forces! And what’s done really well here is changing tempo from fast to slow, really groovy! I also like the vocals here, one of the best vocals I’ve ever heard on Italian scene!
Dark samurais from the country of the rising sun recorded 4 studio tracks and put 1 live. I’m not exactly a fan of noiseviolence, but these maniacs has always been able to reach me. Great noisy avalanche that falls on your ears. No need to say much about them, Sete Star Sept has already traveled around almost every corner of the world with their music! But the only thing I found negative on their side is that one live track, was it really that necessary to put live there? And this is the thing that’s holding it back from being overall awesome. 

Rating: 8/10 6.5/10       xKatexMoshx       Sete Star Sept 

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