Rancid Flesh – Festering Gore… Repulsive Stench (Bidule Mandibule Productions)

This review is a flashback-style, we will return in 2009 for a moment, visit sunny country full of beautiful women and fragrant coffee… As you already guessed, I’m talking about Brazil. Today we’ll take a look at the duo called Rancid Flesh. These guys perform since 2009, and now we’re going to observe their EP called Festering Gore… Repulsive Stench. I remember when I first noticed this band and listened to some of their material, and exactly this record got into my memory firmly. I don’t know why, though… Maybe it’s because it’s not only about death and morgues and stuff like that, but there’s a strong spirit of fun and doltness. 
Overall they recorded 14 songs (including cover on Xysma), and it turned out to be pretty cool. Yeah, you can hear programmed drums, and the overall performance is sometimes too dry and rough, but in this case it’s even good. They put their soul in it, they wasn’t going to make the sound perfect or something, and that’s fine by me.
I guess every goregrind band likes to put samples from different horror movies, and, well, Rancid Flesh don’t break the tradition here too, hehe!) Also I would like to note raw and punk-inspired guitar sound and two different vocals. And of course the artwork! Fully drawn artwork gets this EP a bonus score, no less. I’m pretty tired of front covers made of photos of dead bodies and limbs, but when the artist come up with something like this, it’s always a joy to take a look at.

Rating: 7/10          Rancid Flesh fb 

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