Expurgo – Burial Ground (Black Hole Productions)

Today we will take a look at another excellent grindcore band from Brazil! As we all know, underground grindcore scene in this country is very strong and today I want to review a band called Expurgo and their album “Burial Ground”. Of course, this album is not new but it is worthy of attention. A whole 29 (!) tracks will be pounding on you with every its might! These guys did not create anything new, but their music is very good! It’s very decently played, and beside classic grindcore it could be heard that the guys are under influence from such bands as Machetazo & Impetigo – their influence is obvious. I was especially in love with raw, not overly polished (as in Swedish grindcore) sound. All this raw growling and screaming is just like a cry from the grave! Haha! This is a very rare phenomenon for me, but the front art loses to art on the inside, which is not often seen. The cover shows the simplest zombie apocalypse, which is very common; but the insides is made on the highest level! These dried blood stains on the old yellow paper background… Well-chosen font for lyrics and info, mixed with the excellent picture design is very, very pleasantly surprising for me! Hats off to the designer!

Rating: 7.5 / 10          Expurgo         Black Hole prod  

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