Bodyhammer – Full Noise (Noise not War)

Have you ever felt like the information you get makes your face expression really (and I mean REALLY) surprised? Well, that’s how surprised I was when I started to look closely on the Bodyhammer’s tape cover. What is the shortest lifespan for a music band could be? Year? 6 months? Hell, no! These two crazy grindheads from Portugal formed Bodyhammer, and two days later they stopped it! But during these two days (December, 20th – December, 22nd, 2013) they did a live show and recorded 13 minutes of their stuff. They released it on tapes (by the way, I should note it’s very cool to release first demo on tapes) with help of Noise Not War label. 
To be honest, I expected just improvised noisy raw stuff, especially when you look at the title of the tape “Full Noise”. But turns out it’s pretty good raw grindcore, just as raw as it needs to be in this kind of music. It’s pretty obvious that they handle the instruments pretty well, and the overall demo deserves quite an applause. 
This tape contains 9 tracks. And if I’m not mistaken, the photo on the cover was taken from crazy Japanese movie Tetsuo: The Iron Man released in 1989. Also I like that the tapes are in fact colored, which is always a pleasant thing for me, hehe)

Rating: 7/10             Noise Not War Records

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