Coffin Birth – Necrotic Liquefaction (Dead Heroes Records)

Today is the day when we listen to the young and energetic bands! And again a band from the very unusual country caught my attention. A country where trains splash different animals on the rails. A country where even the cutest animal could kill you in the nick of time, and only aborigines and Bear Grylls would survive in the center of it, hehe)

Coffin Birth, pretty young band from Australia, and it already became pretty considered band, and not because they have a good PR or they’re on TV on the same screen with Oprah, no. It’s because they play really kickass grindcore!

My buddy once told me this is how Warsore would have sounded today. I should say I somewhat agree with him, they sure have some sort of spirit of this grindcore dinosaur. Coffin Birth recorded 9 tracks of mean and beefy grind. Even the first riff hits you like a kick in the teeth, heheh! Great mix of old school grindcore and death metal, you wouldn’t get bored of I, trust me, you’ll listen to it again and again!

Also I should mention here an overall design of this release. Dead Heroes Records did a great job on this one. This is one of the few releases that even holding this in your hands without listening makes you go crazy! 10-inch vinyl, one-sided considering the amount of material, but the back side, hehe, they cut out a star with laser, looks similar to star of chaos, but it isn’t. Looks great overall, and the art on the cover from famous Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski is like a final nail in the coffin!

Rating: 9/10           Coffin Birth          Dead Heroes rec

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